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Taxes for creatives, individuals & businesses.

We understand you need help and we'll provide the proper guidance to achieve your financial goals.

We've saved thousands using Christian's tax strategies.  Great service and would highly recommend.  

Ronald Pabalate | Partner

Team Infinite Insurance

He's the best!! It's not just doing your taxes, but educating you along the way.  He also has videos on YouTube and Instagram for you to learn as well.    

Niki Nguyen | Owner

Raw Studios

He's a creative that understands our industry as a videography studio.  If you're creative, you need to use him.

Armando Juarez | Partner

Vizionators LLC


Watch free business, finance, and tax educational content.  New Content uploaded weekly!

Why us?

Learn from a company that serves multiple industries and understands your specific business needs as an entrepreneur.

Refund Status.

If you need to check your IRS Tax Refund status, please click the link below.

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